GEC - Graeber Engineering Consultants GmbH
Bajuwarenring 12a
82041 Oberhaching / Germany

Phone:   +49 89 / 450 36 92 - 20
Fax: +49 89 / 450 36 92 - 29 



About GEC - Graeber Engineering Consultants GmbH

GEC was established in 2001 to provide Engineering services and equipment deliveries for advanced Poly Silicon projects. GEC is a family owned company, operated and controlled by the owner Heinz Graeber and Thilo Graeber. 

GEC is a consulting / engineering / vendor firm experienced in the fields of high-tech equipment and projects design and deliveries for Poly Silicon manufacturing. GEC employees Senior Engineers and Experts for design and IP for plant equipment, facilities and infrastructure.

<br><p style="text-align:right">Managing Board: Heinz Graeber and Thilo Graeber</p>