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Process Improvement

  • Increase up-time of production < 95 % / year 
    GEC´s/EPC´s contribution: Analysis => Improvement and training program
  • Shorten deposition cycle time of CVD-Reactor < 120 h/cycle byabsolutely clean and shiny bell-jar inner surface (glossery >400)
    GEC´s/EPC´s contribution: Bell-jar special cleaning unit and polishing machine, installed in Reactor room for processing during Reactor preparation time
  • Minimize CVD-Reactor preparation time (assembly, harvesting) down to < 8 h/cycle (1 shift) by using welded U-form filaments
    GEC´s/EPC´s contribution: U-filament bridge welding equipment
  • Eliminate filament / thin rod collapsing during start-up period
    GEC´s/EPC´s contribution: Graphite adapters => fit test gauge => welded filaments