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Bell-Jar Cleaning Facilities

A very important factor to achieve low energy consumption during all operating cycles is based on maintaining the reflection grade of the Reactor bell-jar inner surface. GEC has developed a special facility and technological process to guarantee this important condition.
Technical specification:

  • Vertically moving high-pressure spray jet-head
  • Vertically moving drying air blow unit
  • Stand with integrated collecting conical hopper for chemical and rinsing DI water
  • Collecting tanks for chemical an DI water
  • High pressure generator for media (chemical, DI water) spray system
  • Drying air blower, heat controlled

Capacity and Performance:

  • High pressure pump 150 bar (G)
  • Chemical temperature 50 - 60° C
  • Chemical concentration approx. 5%
  • Air blower system 1250 m3 /h clean air
  • Dosage system for chemical concentration level
  • Conductibility measuring system for DI-water
  • Material: Poly Propylene (PPH)
  • Process control cabinet
  • Plug & Play assembled tested and cleaned for short-term installation and start-up