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Bell-Jar Polishing Facilities (BJ-PF)

During the deposition cycles the bell-jar inner surface of the CVD-reactors receives contamination and chlorsilanes film, which increases electrical power consumption and affects the growth of the poli-si rosods.


Therefore the inner surface of the cvd-reactors has to be re-polished after several deposition cycles.


GEC supplies a BJ-PF, which is being installed in the reactor room, so that the bell-jars can be mooved to the BJ-PF by using the reactor room crane.


The polishing head scanns the profile of the bell-jar (cilindrical and convex parts) while the bell-jar rotates.


Using GEC's BJ-PF ensures clean-shiny inner surface to achieve low electrical power consumption and a perfect geometrical form of the rods as well.


The BJ-PF will be delievered as Plug & Play equipment.