Diagramm STC-TCS Thermal Conversion

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STC-TCS Thermal Conversion

The Conversion-Reactors Type CON-R 72 are designed and manufactured for a conversion capacity of SiCl4 into TCS of 2 CVD-Reactors Type CVD-R 54. 
Due to our and ours nominated Sub-Contractors excellence and experience, we are in the position to deliver these Equipment Sets as batch delivery within a time frame beginning of approx. 6 month, from the date of receiving the order, the down payment and technical clearance. 
In addition GEC maintain an Expert Team of Engineers, with wide experience in the Poly Silicon technology, prepared, to assist the client in the phases of the project design, delivery of equipment, commissioning and start-up the factory. 
Special features and performance of the GEC equipment
The Converter-Reactors are designed by integrating the proven construction of the CVD-Reactors. The construction and dimension of the reactor are almost identical to these of the CVD-Reactor. Special features are:


  • High quality material: 316L electro-polished
  • Cooling jacket: designed for high temperature and pressure, for recovery of the energy in the cooling water (e.g. steam generating) 
  • Show-glass: H2 purged for controlling (temperature) the heaters
  • Mixed-gas (STC/H2) flow inside the reactor for cooling the graphite heating chamber and preheating the mixed-gas 
  • Quenching: for stabilizing the conversion gas compounds for high conversion ratio (ca. 17% to 18% weight) 
  • Quench pipe: the quench pipe will be delivered as part of the CON-Reactor
  • The CON-Reactors Set will be delivered assembled, tested, cleaned, passivated and N2 sealed
  • Ready for Plug & Play, though installation and commissioning time will be minimized. 
  • The equipment set will be delivered completely assembled, though no assembly will be required on dirty construction side.